Since 2006 Expression of Hope has featured works of art by the community touched by lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs). 

When does the Expression of Hope program accept submissions and how often is it run?

The submission period for the third Expression of Hope program closed in December 2014. The Expression of Hope III Featured Artwork and full gallery was announced in 2015. Generally, the Expression of Hope program runs every three years. The program guide and FAQ’s reflect general information about the program.

What is Expression of Hope III?

Expression of Hope is a global program of awareness and inspiration featuring works of art by the lysosomal storage disorder community. It is a continuation of Expression of Hope I and II, launched in 2006 and 2009 respectively. Through this special program, people touched by any LSD are invited to create an original work of art that shares their feelings of hope and explores the realities, perceptions and experiences of living with an LSD.

What kinds of artwork can be submitted?

Submissions must be an original two-dimensional work on paper or canvas, including paintings, etchings, charcoal, mixed media, sketches, photographs, etc. Other forms of artistic expression such as sculpture, poetry, videos and music cannot be accepted. Submissions should be unframed and between 16” x 24” and 20” x 30” in dimension. Artists of all ages and artistic ability who have been affected by an LSD can submit an original work of art. Please note that the artwork cannot include any details about treatment of an LSD and cannot reference any products used to treat LSDs.

What artwork is not eligible?

Artwork that does not meet all Expression of Hope program guidelines cannot be accepted. All submissions must be two dimensional works on paper or canvas.  We are unable to accept any works of art that have been previously submitted to another art contest.  We also cannot accept any art that includes images of products used to treat LSDs or any aspect of treatment of an LSD.

I am not a professional artist. Can I participate?

Yes! Artists of all ages and artistic ability including patients, caregivers, family members, friends, and healthcare providers who have been affected by an LSD can submit an original work of art.

What should I write in my artist statement?

Please describe how the artwork reflects your perspective of living with or the impact of an LSD. You can express the hope and spirit of living with an LSD, the courage and challenges of your personal experience as a patient, caregiver, healthcare provider, family member or friend. The statement should not include details about treatment of an LSD.

How do I enter a work of art?

You can submit your artwork in 3 easy steps. First, create your artwork. Then simply photograph your completed piece, and finally, submit it digitally to our website using the online submission form. The entry period will begin September 8, 2014, and entries will be accepted through December 5, 2014. All submissions that meet the entry requirements will be displayed on the website, and certain pieces will be selected as Featured Artwork.

How are works selected as Featured Artwork pieces?

A jury of independent art professionals will select up to 30 pictures based on their emotive quality and the ability of the artist to express the experience of living with an LSD through the art and artist statement together.

When will I find out if my artwork has been selected by the judges as Featured Artwork?

If your entry is selected as a Featured Artwork, you will be notified by email from Expression of Hope in early 2015. All entrants whose artwork is selected as Featured Artwork will be required to sign a donation agreement and other documents in accordance with the participation agreement.

If my piece is selected as Featured Artwork, how will my art be used?

Featured Artwork will represent the Expression of Hope program globally and may be showcased by Genzyme at different venues around the world. Your artwork and artist statement will become part of the online Gallery, and used in global exhibits, the Featured Artwork booklet, and program materials that may include cards, posters, calendars, etc.

Is there a prize if my piece is selected as a Featured Artwork?

Expression of Hope is a program of awareness about living with lysosomal storage disorders and is not an art contest, therefore no prizes are awarded.

What if a patient wants to submit a work of art but can’t physically execute it?

A caregiver, friend or family member can create the art on a patient’s behalf.

My nurse is interested in submitting a piece of artwork. Can healthcare providers submit an entry?

Yes, absolutely! All members of the global LSD patient and treatment communities are encouraged to participate.

How do I tell other patients about Expression of Hope?

Please share artwork from the website with friends and family by clicking the share Artwork icon  on each artist’s page.



As a Patient Organization, how can we get more involved?

Expression of Hope is built on the foundation of partnership with patient organizations to help generate awareness lysosomal storage disorders and enthusiasm about the program. Please use the Contact Us form and Genzyme will provide information and materials that can be shared with your members. You can also be listed on the Collaborators page. We look forward to submissions from your patient community!

Can artwork be entered that is already created?

Yes, as long as it expresses the unique experience of the individual through the artist statement and meets the program guidelines.

Can I submit artwork that has been entered into other art campaigns or contests?

No, we cannot accept an artwork submission if it has been entered into another program or contest.

Who sponsors Expression of Hope?

Expression of Hope is sponsored by Genzyme, a Sanofi company, in collaboration with patient advocacy organizations around the world. Visit our Collaborators page information about partnering patient organizations.

Who can I contact for more information about Expression of Hope?

If you have additional questions please Contact Us.

How do I upload artwork from a mobile device?

If you are using a mobile device (tablet, smartphone, etc.) it is recommended that you use your device to take the digital photo of your artwork, which will appear in your device’s image gallery. Use the device’s editing tools to make changes or crop the picture if needed, and then save the edited image. Please complete all required information in the submission form. When prompted to “Choose File to Upload” Upload Your Artwork section, select your saved edited image from your device’s photo gallery. Please note that you will not be able to edit your image after you upload it.

You may also upload the image from your device onto your computer and save it as a png, gif, jpg, or jpeg file, then select it from your desktop when completing the Upload Your Artwork section of the submission form.