Running for Bowen

In 2013 we lost our youngest son, Bowen (then 20), to MPS VI. Losing Bowen has been devastating and we have been looking for the positives to carry us through. Christopher, our middle son, was already a keen runner and took up the challenge of an ultra-marathon to raise awareness of MPS, and to raise funds toward research into MPS III. This photograph was taken at the start of the run, as the sun rose over Canberra on a beautiful misty morning, and the runners headed out determined and focused on their goal. The background is blurry leaving Chris the point of focus, representing the focus and dedication of our researchers and scientists who are all running such a long and critical race. The flags are in colour to highlight the vibrancy of life, even when the background to that life is grey and uncertain. Bowen is much loved and sorely missed by all of his family and friends. He gave us a glimpse of all that can be achieved with early access to medical care and the strength of family.

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Artist: Christina Oliver

LSD Represented: MPS III Disease

Country: Australia